Imagine you’re sleeping in a tent and in the middle of the night you wake up to find that you’re being swallowed by a python. Imagine being tied to a chair and having to watch as every single member of your family – including your kids and grandchildren – are shot dead in front of you, and then having buried them all you open your front door one morning and find all their corpses outside your house. Imagine a boy walking in from school and his dad asking him to go to the shops to get some flowers for his mum and when he returns he finds that his dad has hung himself, knowing his son would be the one that found him – then years later the boy’s best friend did the same thing to him. Imagine a dad being forced to watch as an entire army of men rape his daughter and then he’s forced to rape her himself. Or imagine you’re a mum and your own son is forced to rape you and he’s then shot in the back of the head and dies on top of you. Imagine going to bed at night knowing that your son or daughter will try and kill you whist you’re sleeping. Imagine seeing someone commit suicide right in front of you and then it happening again to you on two more occasions. And how would you feel if you were sacked for putting vegetables the wrong way around (if that’s possible) on a billionaires plate? Ridiculous, we know, but you’ll be amazed by some of the demands of the super rich. And imagine how you’d feel lying in a hospital bed having just had both your legs broken as a result of gangland retribution knowing that when you came out you were going to have them broken again. And how deflated would you feel if you’d just spent thousands of pounds to take your kids on a surprise holiday to Disney World in Florida only for them to tell you after the first day that they think it’s rubbish and that they’d rather be at Blackpool Pleasure Beach! And just how did one woman’s dogs know that her husband was about to be killed in a road accident?

There’s an old saying that everyone’s got a book in them, but it is just that, a saying, because in reality most people would struggle to write a few a pages let alone write a complete book and fill it with stories that would make it interesting from beginning to end. However even though most people would struggle to write a complete book, everyone, no matter what walk of life they come from, has got at least one story they could tell that someone else would find interesting or be amazed by, be it funny, sad, moving, inspiring or bizarre.

Everyone’s Got A Story To Tell is the title of Nick Fisher’s latest book and it’s a collection of stories by ordinary people – though their stories are far from ordinary.

He first had the idea to write the book over thirty years ago when he was in prison. He was in Strangeways prison in Manchester at the time of the infamous riots that happened there in 1990 and amongst other things he and his friend were sentenced to eighteen months for stealing bags of mail that were about to be loaded onto the Royal Mail train. They were actually charged with the same offence as Ronnie Biggs and the others that carried out The Great Train Robbery, however unlike Ronnie and the proper train robbers who when they opened the bags that they’d pinched found they were stuffed with millions of pounds, when Nick and his pal opened the bags that they’d pinched they found that all they were stuffed with were old copies of Readers Digest! It was hardly the best planned heist to say the least. Then, uncannily, when they were sent to Strangeways Nick’s cell mate used to have copies of Readers Digest sent in and when he’d finished with them he’d pass them on to Nick, and seeing as how there wasn’t much else to do for the 23 hours a day he was locked up in his cell for Nick used to read them. And after reading some of the true life stories that were in them he thought that if you could put them all together they’d make a great book.

Over the years Nick has met some ‘colourful’ characters and has associated with some interesting – and infamous – people, as well as one or two celebrities, where some of the stories have come via. A few famous names are also mentioned in some of the stories such as Ozzy Osbourne, Tyson Fury, Dougray Scott, Vinnie Jones and Muhammad Ali. And twelve months ago – three decades after he first thought about writing it – Nick began putting the stories together, and he’s now created a book like no other. From dead jockey’s winning races, to snakes swallowing people alive. From the joys of bringing kids into this world, to the barbaric and heinous ways in which people are taken from it. From notorious Manchester gangsters giving advice to Hollywood film stars, to the drug lords of the Mexican cartels you’d be advised not to cross. From a man on the brink of suicide whose life was turned around after he heard an Ozzy Osbourne record, to a man who holds the record for giving blood which has saved the lives of over two and a half million babies. And from ordinary folk who have nothing but who think only of others, to the super rich who have everything and who’ll think nothing of spending £50,000 on Christmas decorations or spending £9,000 on a jacket for their child (and give their wives a £70,000 a year handbag allowance.)

From the frightening to the fascinating, and from the wonderful to the weird to the hilarious and the heartbreaking, there’s a story for everyone in Everyone’s Got A Story To Tell. It’s a totally unique book and it’ll be one of the most amazing books ever written. It’ll also be one of the most amazing books you’ll ever read.

Available Soon.